What to look out for in a good knife

Wondering what to look out for in a boning knife? Basically if I had to choose my personal favorite I would prefer a classic boning knife which is easy to sharpen or maintain and practically works with any any sort of meat. This will ensure it lasts you a lifetime. Why don’t we check the good knife set to buy┬áthat should be part of everyone’s cookware. This knife can help you remove bones from many different cuts including including fish, poultry meat and many others.


The shun Gokujo DMO743 is a stiff boning and fillet knife with very sharp edges. Its exquisite for trimming the pores and skin from tendons or roasts or for making your own cuttings. The key specifications include a beautifully layered stainless steel, 6 inches in length, D-shaped Pakkawood handles.

Initial Impressions about the knife set

The initial impression with this tool is of a quality knife is is not hard to hold. With quite elegant contoured condition which makes it effective and a rather safe choice all the time.

The useful 6 inches blade performs well in cutting meat out of tendons bones and joints while not compromising the quality of the meat. Its layered stainless material makes it safer with no threat of corrosion or rust.

Flexibility of the blade

The overall flexibility of the equipment is its rare feature,which enables users to chop beef by having a maximum flex of about sixteen degrees. Additionally,the preservation ability gives users the advantage of using this tool with no risk of dull edges for a long time.

How about the handle ?

Its D-shaped pakkawood handle is suitable for holding and allow users to have more control while cutting.The maintenance of this boning knife is pretty easy and it will eventually serve you for years .The producer recommends sterilizing or cleaning the knife by a hand or palm wash.

Final Verdict

To wrap everything up,it significantly a better and sharper boning knife worth its price. Its quality features, strength and sheer performance justify the worth quite well.

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