What Do You Deserve ?

I often contemplate about the choices I make in life. To this very second, I’ve made countless decisions that has shaped my life in one way or another. No matter what people may say, I have trouble buying into the idea that life is just a series of random occurrences.  It can’t possibly be that trivial. I actually spend 10 minutes before bed everyday thinking about why I’m on this earth. I know, I have no chill

Is God just sitting on his throne and mocking humanity ?

Some people are blessed to live life without pain and suffering while others have to struggle through their every waking moment. There is no fairness or justice that I can firmly believe it. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be sewing a cape and turn into Darkman (batman feared bats, I feared the dark).  But there’s something really commendable about vigilantes. They take no slack from anyone and they are ambitious enough to strive towards their goals.

What Do You Deserve ?

Believe it or not, I aim to be a hero to the little man. I want to help all you people out there make the best decisions. It could be about food, life, or even purchases. I want all of you to get the best possible outcome from every situation. That’s how people who deserve it came into existence.


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