Which Is The Best Automatic Espresso Machine?

espresso maker

Automatic espressos always have a place in the hearts of slothful people like you and me (you should admit it by now!) as they do all the work in the morning after you binge watch your favourite television series on Netflix the entire night. Those machines brew the coffee, grind the beans and do everything while you are a sluggish piece of art lying on the bed. So, if you have an issue of inertness and like other stuff to do your work like a slave, which best automatic espresso machine should you buy? The answer is quite simple if you ask about my opinion, as I think that the best one is the “De’Longhi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine”!

Who’d Love This Espresso Machine ?

This machine is an absolute must for indolent people who don’t mind to spend hundreds of dollars just so that they can slack off while the other things do their work. The ESAM3500.N does exactly what you want. Just press one big brew button and the machine does everything else. It is made with professional materials, and does the work professionally as well. The double boiler system is prefect if you have a roommate who is as lazy as you are, as it makes two coffees, whether you want the same one or different varieties, altogether. You can even mix them to create new combos, but don’t blame me if they taste awful.

What’s The Best Features Of This Espresso Machine

The best thing about this machine is that it uses a Direct Brewing System, meaning you just pour the beans and grind and grind easily without a sweat. It can be removed as well if you want to store more for future use. There are many presets as well for that purpose, including grinding fineness, bean thickness and others among the many options. The burr grinder is conical and low-pitched, meaning you can grind the beans efficiently without any fear of the beans spraying all over the kitchen or slab.

Where Can You Buy This Glorious Piece Of  Espresso Machinery ?

You can buy this machine from anywhere, Amazon, your local market, or the black market (Didn’t mean that), but be careful about defective products, because many people don’t have a life of their own and spend all their time imitating other’s creations. Always be sure to buy from authorized dealers and online vendors, lest you want to get scammed.