My Lovely Wusthof Classic Chef Knife


I just picked up a 10″ Wusthof Classic Chef Knife a few weeks ago and here are my thoughts about this amazing Chef knife.


Besides the blazing red emblem and white trident, this was a perfectly normal knife. It had a full bolster, was perfectly balanced and really, really sharp.


Cutting through meaty , fibrous or even squishy ingredients was effortless a JOY! It turned my mundane cooking, cutting and freezing routine into a thrill ride. I was absolutely thrilled to try my knife out when ever I could.


This Wusthof knife did have a pretty hefty price tag but it wasn’t all bad. The perks of the knife included the lifetime warranty it came with. With a warranty that covers all manufacturer defects , the Wusthof Chef Knife is a real steal.