What Do You Deserve ?

I often contemplate about the choices I make in life. To this very second, I’ve made countless decisions that has shaped my life in one way or another. No matter what people may say, I have trouble buying into the idea that life is just a series of random occurrences.  It can’t possibly be that trivial. I actually spend 10 minutes before bed everyday thinking about why I’m on this earth. I know, I have no chill

Is God just sitting on his throne and mocking humanity ?

Some people are blessed to live life without pain and suffering while others have to struggle through their every waking moment. There is no fairness or justice that I can firmly believe it. This doesn’t mean that I’m going to be sewing a cape and turn into Darkman (batman feared bats, I feared the dark).  But there’s something really commendable about vigilantes. They take no slack from anyone and they are ambitious enough to strive towards their goals.

What Do You Deserve ?

Believe it or not, I aim to be a hero to the little man. I want to help all you people out there make the best decisions. It could be about food, life, or even purchases. I want all of you to get the best possible outcome from every situation. That’s how people who deserve it came into existence.


Which Cookware Set Should You Go For?

I have been having serious issues with my cooking for the past few years; and this has made my husband go mad as he is a strong believer in organic foods. My name is Kate, and have been married to Tommy for the past 5 years. We are blessed to have two children; Sam and Tiffany. I have been having problems with Tommy as he claims that my culinary skills are not as good as they were. Whenever I prepare meals, I’m sure to expect trouble coming. In order to save our relationship and avoid “tantrums” and “noise”, I had to find out the root-cause of the problem. Guess what!? cookware sets I was using was what led to poor meals. I had to find what is the best cookware set sooner than later.

Best Cookware Sets Research

I did some quick online research and the results were simply amazing. There was innumerable options available at bottom prices. At first, It was pretty confusing for me because I wasn’t well versed with cookware sets. However, during my second day I landed on expert reviews on different types of cookware. It is only after reading the entire information that I came to understand how to choose cookware that will meet my needs.

The industry leaders explicitly explained that cookware sets should be chosen based on material used to make them. In this case, I had the option of aluminum, stainless steel, non-stick and others. As a savvy buyer, I had to consider temperature control capabilities, durability, as well as size. Additionally, I made my decision based on how sturdy and comfortable the handles were to handle. The lining had to be good so that I can get positive end results. I looked at the finer details including whether it heats evenly or not, and the amount of fat that best suits the cookware. My question; what is the best cookware set? had been answered and I made a purchase online the same day.

Good Cookware Good Food

Thursday morning I received my set and that evening I dare say that I was surprised by what I heard my child say and Tommy’s response after he finished the meal. Tommy told requested If I could create time so that I could accompany him to a romantic restaurant the next day. For my son Sam, I heard him shout “Yummy!” for the very first time. It’s simply amazing how good food can change things in your home-don’t ever compromise on what you serve your family. Do you want peace and happiness? If yes, do not compromise on quality of cookware you use.

The best cookware must be safe to use, easy to wash, durable and in the same time, able to give you a great cooking experience and cook delicious foods. There are many options available on the market these days, with different brands and different materials. So which should one should you go for? Here are some suggestions.

Anolon Advanced Bronze 11-Piece Cookware Set

If you are looking for the best nonstick cookware, this will be the best for you. The interior is made of Thermolon nonstick material that surpasses all standard nonstick formula, giving maximum food release. Its hard-anodized built makes it extremely durable and able to heat up fast and even.

Whether you are using it to cook omelets or scrambled eggs, the nonstick surface requires you to use only minimal butter or oil which improves health benefits. Polenta, Rice, and even oatmeal can cook beautifully without sticking to the surface. The only disadvantage is that this Anolon Advanced cookware set is not dishwasher friendly.

Rachael Ray Porcelain Enamel II Nonstick 10-Piece Cookware Set

If you prefer a lighter cookware set, the Rachael Ray porcelain enamel cookware set will be suitable for you. This cookware set claimed to be very durable due to its aluminum construction. The set comes with snug-fitting glass lids that allow the cooking process be monitored without losing moisture or heat.

All the cookware comes with grippy handles that are made of rubber. Hence, it is comfortable to hold and able to withstand heat up to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. With different color options, this cookware set will make your kitchen livelier. You can choose from blue, fennel, orange, green, etc.

Circulon Symmetry Hard Anodized Nonstick 11-Piece Cookware Set

The Circulon Symmetry cookware set provides the essential pots and pans to any kitchen requirement. All the cookware is beautifully designed and is versatile. And to give the best food release and easy cleaning, it comes with the DuPont Autograph 3-layer nonstick on both the inside and outside surface.

The handles of the cookware are made of stainless steel and wrapped in silicone so that you can grasp the pieces easily. Not only that, this cookware set is dishwasher friendly and is oven safe to a high 400 degree Fahrenheit.

The Top Espresso Machines I’ve Used

If you want to make the best coffee you obviously need the best automatic espresso machine. Many people end up getting the worst machines that cannot last for a long.

After looking at various espresso machines in the market and their features, I came up with a list of the top best espresso machines that you will get in the market.

  1. Rancilio HSD-SILVIA Espresso Machine

It is the best semi-automatic machine that you need. If you want to make your coffee with a lot of easy then this is the kind of espresso machine that you need. The machine is made very attractive design with iron frame. It is covered with stainless steel.


  • It is easy to remove its heating elements
  • It has a very good steaming power that ensures great performance
  1. Coffee Pump Espresso/Cappuccino Maker (ECMP50)

It is made by one of the best companies. It is well known for its fast heating ability making sure that it will save your time. It also has very good steaming features and frothing abilities. A good water capacity.


  • Compact size
  • You will be able to clean easily
  • Very detailed manual in place
  1. Breville BES870XL Barista Express Espresso Machine

This is my favorite espresso machine. Its features and services will clearly amuse you. It is a good looking machine with ergonomic design. It is also a full-automatic machine that is easy to use at your work place or any other place. It has a large capacity of water with its removable 2 liter water tank.


  • In-built PID available
  • Milk pitcher available
  • Easy to use
  • It has in-built grinder with adjustable controls in place


Which Is The Best Automatic Espresso Machine?

espresso maker

Automatic espressos always have a place in the hearts of slothful people like you and me (you should admit it by now!) as they do all the work in the morning after you binge watch your favourite television series on Netflix the entire night. Those machines brew the coffee, grind the beans and do everything while you are a sluggish piece of art lying on the bed. So, if you have an issue of inertness and like other stuff to do your work like a slave, which best automatic espresso machine should you buy? The answer is quite simple if you ask about my opinion, as I think that the best one is the “De’Longhi ESAM3500.N Magnifica Digital Super-Automatic Espresso Machine”!

Who’d Love This Espresso Machine ?

This machine is an absolute must for indolent people who don’t mind to spend hundreds of dollars just so that they can slack off while the other things do their work. The ESAM3500.N does exactly what you want. Just press one big brew button and the machine does everything else. It is made with professional materials, and does the work professionally as well. The double boiler system is prefect if you have a roommate who is as lazy as you are, as it makes two coffees, whether you want the same one or different varieties, altogether. You can even mix them to create new combos, but don’t blame me if they taste awful.

What’s The Best Features Of This Espresso Machine

The best thing about this machine is that it uses a Direct Brewing System, meaning you just pour the beans and grind and grind easily without a sweat. It can be removed as well if you want to store more for future use. There are many presets as well for that purpose, including grinding fineness, bean thickness and others among the many options. The burr grinder is conical and low-pitched, meaning you can grind the beans efficiently without any fear of the beans spraying all over the kitchen or slab.

Where Can You Buy This Glorious Piece Of  Espresso Machinery ?

You can buy this machine from anywhere, Amazon, your local market, or the black market (Didn’t mean that), but be careful about defective products, because many people don’t have a life of their own and spend all their time imitating other’s creations. Always be sure to buy from authorized dealers and online vendors, lest you want to get scammed.